Overton Square review

Just thought I’d assemble a summary of some of the recent developments in the resurrection of Overton Square.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard that Memphis’ historic Overton Square has been booming. It has quickly turned into the region’s theater district. And in the wake of that congregation, several other businesses, bars, and restaurants have followed to fill up what had been a stagnant, if not declining, area searching for its place in the smorgasborg of options for Memphians and visitors. The actual district is getting close to full as of August. Hopefully the former French Quarter gets new life as well. Some of the dates are the openings, other are the announcements. If those distinctions matter to you, you might be confused. If I messed up on any details feel free to correct me!

(note: many of these properties may be outside the “official” Overton Square development that Loeb Properties is leasing, but they are in the neighborhood)

“Official” Overton Square website:
Studio on the Square (movie theater — 1st runs and indies)

Memphis Pizza Cafe — 1993
Bosco’s Squared — 1997
Golden India — ? (renewed 2013)
Bayou — 2008
Le Chardonnay — 2008
Local Gastropub– 2012
Bar Louie — 2012
Delta Groove Yoga — 2013
The Attic — 2013
Breakaway Athletics — May/2013
Cardio Barre — June/2013

Not on website, but announced via bizjournals /or Memphis Daily News:
Noshings — July/2013
Babalu — August/2013
Gould’s On the Square — August/2013
Robata — August/2013
Atlas — August/2013

I don’t think these are officially “Overton Square” properties, but they’re in the district:

Circuit Playhouse
Playhouse on the Square (new building recently opened, 2011 or 2012)Hattiloo Theater — 2011
Yolo Yogurt — 2011
Start.co — 2012?
Chiwawa — 2013

Blue Monkey
Ardent Studios (?)

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