Defending the Grizz as the Numero Uno Franchise in the NBA (Part Dos)

This will be shorter than my previous post. In that post, i detailed the improvements made in Fan relations, “Bang for the buck”, Stadium experience, Players,  and Ownership.  I also reviewed the Affordability of games and arguable improvement in Title track (at least for the near future).  The primary uncertainty was Coaching. A lot of fans of other teams have revealed their ignorance while challenging the rankings.  You can view their glaring idiocy here and here. It’s a sad testament to the consequences of a deficient education system in other cities. The fine folks at (no alliteration intended) listed the percentages each factor was given in importance:

  • Fan relations (25.2%)
  • Affordability (17.4%)
  • “Bang for the buck” (16.8%)
  • Stadium experience (12.4%)
  • Players (11.30)
  • Ownership (10.2%)
  • Title track (3.6%)
  • Coaching (3.1%)

Fans who think that past championships are the only thing that matter might want to review those percentages before making further fools of themselves.

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