ICYMI: Wolf River Greenway needs your help (MBJ)

Wolf River Greenway needs your help (MBJ)

“As the Wolf River Conservancy embarks on its 36-mile Greenway development, it now turns to the public for input.

The WRC plans to host a series of workshops throughout the month of October to give the community a chance to learn more about the Greenway and to give planners the opportunity to gather ideas from local residents.

Once complete, the paved path will go from the Mississippi River to Fayette County. The $40 million project is anticipated to provide $14 million in annual benefits to the community once finished.

A ceremonial groundbreaking was held Sept. 25 at John F. Kennedy Park to symbolize the start of this multiyear undertaking. The Greenway is divided into 15 phases, with 20 miles of the path set to open in Memphis by 2019. Alta Planning + Design was hired to handle the master planning.

At the groundbreaking, Charles “Chuck” Flink, senior advisor at Alta, said there aren’t many project like this around the country.

All of the public meetings will feature the same information and will be “drop-in” from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Public Meetings:
Oct. 20 – The Office at Uptown (594 N. Second St.)
Oct. 21 – Hollywood Community Center (1560 N. Hollywood)
Oct. 22 – Ed Rice Community Center (2907 N. Watkins)
Oct. 27 – Raleigh Community Center (3678 Powers Road)
Oct. 28 – Bert Ferguson Community Center (8505 Trinity Road)

Wolf River Greenway needs your help (MBJ)



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