Curb Market Set to Open In Midtown (MDN)

Curb Market Set to Open In Midtown (MDN)

“A new market for locally sourced meat and produce, which brings a sense of heritage to its name and operation, is set to arrive in Midtown before the end of the year.

The Midtown Easy-Way location at 596 S. Cooper St. will soon reopen as The Curb Market, part of Memphis businessman Peter Schutt’s plan to add to the area’s growing nexus of locally produced, healthy food businesses.

The new store’s name harkens back to the old Curb Market farmers market that once operated near Downtown, preserving a sense of history at what’s been a Cooper-Young retail fixture for decades.

The Curb Market mostly will sell locally produced food, including pastured beef and pork from Winchester Farm, Schutt’s 1,600-acre sustainable, chemical-free farm on the outskirts of Dancyville, Tenn. Schutt also owns a certified organic farm near Whiteville, Tenn., and will sell organic strawberries and a variety of produce at the new market.

He pointed to Midtown as an ideal site for the market because of the concentration of “local, healthy, good food (that’s) in Midtown, along a busy street.”


That natural light will be balanced with energy-efficient LEDs with color rendering that encourage easy selection of produce, meat and dry goods. And Roper said her goal was to complement the store’s mission and design by using natural and newly available lighting to give the space an “open and airy European market feel.”

The market will help support the mission of Schutt’s farm, which is operated around a commitment to sustainability, healthy food and supporting local businesses.

The farm doesn’t use pesticides, for example, nor any herbicides or chemicals. Free-range animals are raised without the use of steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Likewise, almost all of Winchester Farm’s cattle and hogs were born on the land. Winchester Farm also sells all of its pork, eggs and much of its beef locally, from Brownsville to Memphis.”

Curb Market Set to Open In Midtown (MDN)


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