Local protection systems company expands to Little Rock (MBJ)

Local protection systems company expands to Little Rock (MBJ)

In a move that could be the first of many expansions, Memphis-based State Systems Inc. has opened a new office in Little Rock.

The company, which specializes in protection systems, will now have a reach of 200 miles. The Little Rock office currently has two employees, but Graham McBride, general manager of State Systems’ low-voltage division, said they will begin adding technicians to support operations.

Sandi Scott, a total protection expert with more than eight years of experience in the field, will lead the office. When State Systems brought Scott on board, the company’s president, Bob McBride, decided the time was right to expand.

Graham McBride said the company has opened offices in smaller markets like Obion and Corinth, Mississippi, but this is the first in a market similar in size to Memphis.

State Systems Little Rock will offer inspections and installation of fire alarm systems, as well as video surveillance and access control, security, exit lighting, clean agent fire suppression and extinguishing systems. As part of its plan to offer all services and products that the Memphis location does, the company anticipates adding installation and service of sprinkler systems and fire alarms in the near future.

Its consumer focus will be on school districts, health care facilities, nursing homes, manufacturing providers and commercial buildings.

And, if the office performs as expected, State Systems will begin looking at options in other markets as well.

“We’re in negotiations with another city that’s pretty close to us,” Graham McBride said. “In the past, we’ve acquired our way into markets, but this was a little different.”


Local protection systems company expands to Little Rock (MBJ)


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