MBJ: Google names Memphis its 2015 eCity

MBJ: Google names Memphis its 2015 eCity

A University of Memphis lab that’s working with mobile and wearable sensors has been recognized by Google. Google named the Bluff City as Tennessee’s 2015 eCity, citing body-sensor research being conducted at the U of M.

“Memphis is a musical city — it’s the birthplace of the blues and rock ‘n’ roll and a hotspot for country,” Google said of Memphis. “The city also has a technology focus. The University of Memphis has a specialty in sensor research and has pioneered fully reconfigurable modular body-worn sensors for easy and portable vitality, cardiac and neurological monitoring.”

The Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K), referenced by Google, has the goal of developing timely and personalized mobile health interventions for the early detection and prevention of adverse health events.

“We’re very pleased that MD2K’s research played a role in Memphis being recognized by Google as its Tennessee eCity,” said Dr. Santosh Kumar, the Center’s director and lead investigator. “As we continue to develop Big Data-enabled innovative mobile technologies to improve health, we hope to bring additional positive recognition and opportunities to the University and the Memphis community.”

To see a full list of Google eCities, click here.”

MBJ: Google names Memphis its 2015 eCity

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