MDN: UTHSC Professor Wins $154,000 Grant

MDN: UTHSC Professor Wins $154,000 Grant

Dr. Adebowale Adebiyi, an assistant professor in the physiology department in the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s College of Medicine, has received a $154,000 grant from the American Heart Association to research the cause and treatment of abrupt decline in kidney function in newborns.

Although both kidneys make up less than 1 percent of the total body weight, they receive almost a quarter of the blood supply from the heart every minute. The high rate of renal blood flow is required to sustain the blood purification process within the kidneys. Unregulated blood pressure and blood flow may damage the kidneys, while healthy kidneys naturally maintain constant blood flow, despite fluctuations in blood pressure.

This phenomenon, known as renal autoregulation, isn’t understood well in newborns. Research efforts in the new study aim to reveal the mechanisms that underlie renal autoregulation in infants and alterations that occur during an abrupt decline in kidney function, also known as acute kidney injury.

MDN: UTHSC Professor Wins $154,000 Grant


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