MDN: Musculoskeletal Conference Back for 14th Year

MDN: Musculoskeletal Conference Back for 14th Year

The annual Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference set to take place in Memphis next week for the 14th time is a confab that brings together surgeons, venture capitalists and other industry leaders from around the world to network and pursue a bit of deal-making.

And while Memphis-based startups have been frequently included on the agenda of the conference – hosted by Memphis-based VC firm MB Venture Partners – this year the city’s startup community is getting even more of a boost. During the conference set for Oct. 18-19 at the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis, four graduates of the local ZeroTo510 medical device startup accelerator will be introduced to attendees.

Allan Daisley, who runs the accelerator, will deliver a short talk and then introduce the quartet of companies, all of which count Memphis-based Innova as well as MB Venture Partners as investors.

The four ZeroTo510 companies are Cast21, which is introducing a new kind of cast for treating broken bones; FlexSpark, which is developing a system that uses electrical muscle stimulation to improve circulation in the lower extremities; SweetBio, focused on wound-healing biomaterials; and Compression Kinetics, which is behind a mobile active compression wrap designed to reduce clotting risk in hospitals and home care following surgery, among other uses.

“I think it says a lot about how far along the ZeroTo510 program has come,” said MB Venture Partners co-founder Gary Stevenson. “These four companies are focused on the musculoskeletal niche and all developing product solutions for musculoskeletal disease, and we thought the time was right for us to make room on the agenda to profile them.”

Among the 24 companies also to be featured during the conference, meanwhile, are other local names like CrossRoads Extremity Systems, an MB Venture Partners portfolio company, as well as Memphis-based startup Active Implants.

Stevenson estimates a crowd of between 130 to 150 attendees from across the country this year. The conference will also include a presentation on the future of orthopedics as well as an investor roundtable hosted by Stevenson.

The conference also has a charitable component. Part of each year’s proceeds is donated to the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, the charter school started by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation. In the years since the first contribution in 2009, the event has given more than $150,000 to benefit the students and faculty.

MDN: Musculoskeletal Conference Back for 14th Year


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