MBJ: Phillip Ashley Chocolates launching partnership with St. Jude

MBJ: Phillip Ashley Chocolates launching partnership with St. Jude

Beginning Nov. 1, Phillip Ashley Chocolates will sell a special six-piece box of chocolates called “Imagination in a Box” to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The box is part of a larger partnership between the chocolatier and the hospital, and will sell for $20. Five dollars from each sale will go to St. Jude.

According to Phillip Ashley Rix, the man behind Phillip Ashley Chocolates, the box will feature an outer space theme. But the box won’t be one of Rix’s typical cutting-edge mixtures.

“These are introductory flavors that are things kids will be excited about,” Rix said. “We’re doing key lime, coconut, lemon-flavored, vanilla bean and pure milk chocolate.”

The chocolates will feature Rix’s signature design, and the box will be sold online and in the chocolatier’s boutique. Rix said his initial goal is to raise $25,000 with the chocolates, but he’s hoping to exceed that amount and get to $100,000. His goal could be helped by selling the chocolates in big box retailers, something that’s still a work in progress.

In addition to “Imagination in a Box,” Rix will also participate in Golden Harvest, the Memphis portion of St. Jude’s culinary series of events that also raise money for the hospital. The culinary events are held in 13 different cities, ranging from Nantucket to New York City. Rix could possibly participate in several of those events as well.

Other parts of the partnership are continuing to take shape, but another promotional event that could launch will be Corporate Name Day at Rix’s boutique. Employees of designated corporations can come by on certain days and receive a complimentary chocolate with purchase. Ten percent of those sales would benefit St. Jude, as well.

Partnerships like this one could become major fundraisers for St. Jude over time like Chili’s, which started its partnership with St. Jude 14 years ago,initially raising $14,000 between its seven Memphis restaurants. That company recently committed to raise $30 million for St. Jude over the next six years and has raised more than $54 million since that first fundraiser.


MBJ: Phillip Ashley Chocolates launching partnership with St. Jude

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