MBJ: Memphis nonprofit announces expansion

MBJ: Memphis nonprofit announces expansion

A Memphis-based nonprofit plans to expand its reach in the community thanks to a relocation.

HopeWorks Inc., currently located at 1930 Union Ave., will move to the former Southern Security Federal Credit Union building at 3337 Summer Ave.

HopeWorks, which was founded in 1988, is focused on workforce development for the underserved. The organization helps people earn their high school equivalency diplomas through personal and career development programs and an adult education program. HopeWorks also has a prison ministry.

The Summer Avenue facility will be the main location, but HopeWorks offers classes at 21 different sites in four counties. The organization is currently tracking to have 600 students earn a diploma this year.

Wade said one of the main reasons they chose the new location was because it was situated between multiple neighborhoods, which allows for increased walkability.

“It is situated right between the Binghampton area and then the Heights,” Wade said. “It is on the bus line, as well, so we will be able to serve students throughout the city as we are doing now. The nice thing about these neighborhoods – which both of them have asked us to come in because they don’t have a workforce development focus – we will have a lot of people that can walk to us from the neighborhood.”

A capital campaign to fund the Summer Avenue remodel was just launched with a target goal of $625,000. The campaign will run for about 90 days…

…The expanded footprint will allow HopeWorks to add classrooms, a testing center and a commercial kitchen.

If the capital campaign goes well, Wade said he would like to see construction start by the beginning of February with an April or May move-in date. Operations will continue to run out of the Union Avenue facility until the new building is finished.


MBJ: Memphis nonprofit announces expansion


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