CA: St. Jude lands state funds for expansion

CA: St. Jude lands state funds for expansion

Gov. Bill Haslam committed $12 million today for the expansion at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Haslam announced the state committment during a news conference on the campus of the 5,000-employee research center in

The City of Memphis is also investing $25 million for infrastructure work.

St. Jude is beginning a $1 billion expansion and had sought state assistance for infrastructure improvements around the site near Downtown.

ALSAC, which says it is raising more than $1 billion to expand the world-renowned hospital, recently paid $950,000 for the northeast corner of Third and A.W. Willis. ALSAC is the awareness and fundraising arm for the nonprofit hospital, which is expanding from its campus toward the Memphis riverfront.

Plans also call for meshing St. Jude’s campus and the nearby Pinch district, and developing the district into a commercial area using sales tax revenue collected Downtown.

Ideas under consideration are a pedestrian crossing at Front Street to connect the Pinch with the Pyramid; an artistically lighted Memphis Light Gas & Water electrical substation at Front and Jackson; and projects to make five I-40 underpasses attractive, inviting places linking the Pinch to the convention center and Downtown.

CA: St. Jude lands state funds for expansion


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