MBJ: Liberty Bowl visitors will enjoy lowest airfare in the land

MBJ: Liberty Bowl visitors will enjoy lowest airfare in the land

Fans of one of the teams visiting the AutoZone Liberty Bowl will enjoy the cheapest flight in all of this bowl season.

University of Georgia fans will pay about $232 to fly from Airport to Memphis International Airport, making it the least expensive flight this year. The 58th AutoZone Liberty Bowl pits Georgia against TCU Friday, Dec. 30, 11 a.m.

University of Memphis enthusiasts flying to Miami for the Boca Raton Bowl against Western Kentucky University should expect to pay about $356 in airfare. Many WKU fans will travel from Bowling Green to Nashville, where the flight will run them $241 to Miami.

Sitting at No. 1 on the list of all bowl teams: Middle Tennessee, whose team is traveling to the Hawaii Bowl and whose fans could pay more than $1,200 for round-trip airfare from Tennessee to the islands.

We compiled fares from major airports serving the teams and fans of the schools going to bowl games and the cities hosting those games. Last weekend, immediately after the bowl slate was finalized, we searched for nonstop or one-stop flights leaving the day before the game and returning the day after for each of this year’s games. We used Google Flights, which covers most major airlines, plus Southwest Airlines’ (NYSE: LUV) website, since it is not included in Google’s searches but Southwest does provide service to many of the game sites.

There are, of course, always deals to be found for those fans willing to work for them. Prices fluctuate due to a variety of factors. Furthermore, travel miles can be used, additional layovers can be made, and outlying airports could be used instead. Additionally, teams playing within 250 miles of campus are not included on our pricing list here — figuring many of those teams’ fan will view a trip of that distance as more of a road trip than a flight. So, for example, you won’t see the University of Hawaii, since they’re playing in the Hawaii Bowl. It’s also why you won’t see a fare for the No. 1 team in the country, Alabama, because the Crimson Tide will be playing its national playoff semifinal game at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, about 200 miles from Tuscaloosa.


MBJ: Liberty Bowl visitors will enjoy lowest airfare in the land


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