CA: ‘Renaissance’ churns on Highland Strip near U of M

CA: ‘Renaissance’ churns on Highland Strip near U of M

One new restaurant opened this week and three more will soon serve food on the Highland Strip near the University of Memphis.

“Before the renaissance we had the same restaurants for 20 years,” said Tk Buchanan of the University District. “Food has arrived in abundance.”

Those four new restaurants within Loeb Property’s newly renovated Highland Strip are in addition to three restaurants that opened in recent months just a block north in the Highland Row development as well as the debut of a popular new fast-food restaurant a few blocks south of the Strip.

“The goal when you plan any community is to create opportunities to live, work and play as close to your home as humanly possible,” said Buchanan, who is community liaison for the University District. “… That yields quality of life. When I have to leave this district for anything I act like it’s killing me.”

At the small-hamburger restaurant Burgerim, 569 S. Highland, The Cockerham Company contractors had progressed by Thursday to seeking final inspections for plumbing and gas…

Petra Cafe coming to Highland Strip

Next door at 545 S. Highland, another construction crew installed wood trim and other finishing touches on the build-out for Insomnia Cookies and estimated completion by next week.

The Bluff at 535 S. Highland opened Monday as a Cajun-inspired restaurant and live-music venue, but workers took time Thursday to pour concrete at the base of the beams supporting the marquee-style sign over the front door.

And to the north of the Strip on the ground floor of the Highland Row mixed-use development at 395 S. Highland, three new food or beverage establishments have opened since the fall: Char steakhouse, Newk’s fast-casual restaurant and Casual Pint craft beer market

CA: ‘Renaissance’ churns on Highland Strip near U of M


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