CA: Cocktails, table tennis, ice cream coming to Midtown’s Railgarten

CA: Cocktails, table tennis, ice cream coming to Midtown’s Railgarten

A new kind of experience for dining and entertainment is coming down the tracks to Midtown.

Railgarten will offer four types of activities spread among three buildings and the grounds outside in a concept similar to Loflin Yard, a recently opened bar near Downtown with a large outdoor seating area.

Construction continues in Midtown near the northeast corner of Central and Cooper on property that borders the apparent inspiration for its theme: a railroad.

In what she described as a “campus-like venue,” project land planner Brenda Solomito Basar said:

“The whole property has been branded Railgarten,” said Solomito of Solomito Land Planning. “It’s all under one ownership with the ability to give you different experiences at each venue.”

The diner and ice cream parlor will have different hours of operation than the buildings with the bars and live music.

The owner of the business is staying anonymous for now. Solomito declined to identify her client, saying, “I think they are keeping it quiet until after it opens.” Attorney Michael Futhey was the applicant for the special permit granted to allow a bar/restaurant.

Earlier this week, the owners avoided being given a courtesy citation for a zoning  issue. The 1.3 acres has split zoning: The front is zoned commercial and the back is zoned for employment, a more industrial designation.

Construction crews have stacked several intermodal cargo containers in the back yard — in the employment zoning — in a move that appears to burnish the rail theme. The metal containers support signs like “Roller Skate For Health” and provide shelter for activities.

However, using the metal structures as part of the business would be a zoning violation even though the containers may be in the more industrial area, Josh Whitehead told The Commercial Appeal. He’s planning director for Memphis and Shelby County.


CA: Cocktails, table tennis, ice cream coming to Midtown’s Railgarten


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