MDN: Broad Avenue Getting New Bike Shop

MDN: Broad Avenue Getting New Bike Shop

Clark Butcher, the owner of Victory Bicycle Studio, plans to open a new bike shop on Broad Avenue that will be a first of its kind in the Memphis bicycle scene.

Opening next door to his original location, Pedaltown Bicycle Co. will specifically cater to casual riders who might find a more traditional boutique bike shop too expensive or intimidating.

“Our goal is to provide a simple and unintimidating solution for customers who are just looking for an easy way to get into riding bicycles or looking to get their kid a new bike,” Butcher said.

The new brand looks to offer a lower cost of entry to bicycling, but with the same boutique-level service as Victory.

Butcher said he has seen other shops attempt to handle all levels of cyclists, but they eventually get spread too thin and can’t provide the best level of service to the whole range of customers.

Pedaltown will specifically target customers who are looking to reduce the cost of entry into cycling, with most of their bicycles averaging around $350.

Pedaltown’s mission will be to introduce children to that special feeling of “New Bike Day” and reacquaint older customers with that rush of riding a bicycle when they were children, Butcher said.

In addition to being located next door to Victory Bicycle Shop, Pedaltown’s location was chosen due to its proximity to well-maintained bike lanes and the Carpenter Art Garden community bike shop, which Butcher also co-founded.

MDN: Broad Avenue Getting New Bike Shop


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