ilovememphisblog: UberEATS Launches In Memphis Today

ilovememphisblog: UberEATS Launches In Memphis Today

As of this morning, Memphians can now have food delivered from more than 100 local restaurants via the UberEATS app. It launches today, and here’s what you need to know.

– UberEATS is a separate app from the Uber ride-sharing app, but you won’t need to re-register for a new account/payment info if you already have an Uber account.

– You place your order through the app by tapping on menu items. Or you can order online.

– The delivery fee is a flat $4.99. So, you pay for your food + the $5. No minimum order amount.

– Payment is through the app. No cash or card is exchanged with the driver unless you decide to tip cash.

– There are more than 100 participating restaurants, from Las Delicias to Corky’s to H&M Dessert Lounge. I was told that Las Delicias was one of the top requested restaurants in the area for delivery.

– Delivery hours are the same as the restaurant’s hours. You can also schedule a delivery.

– You can have food delivered anywhere in the delivery area. I’m trying to get a map, A Facebook follower sent me this app screenshot of the area, which includes downtown, midtown, East Memphis, South Memphis, and Germantown.

ICYMI, there are two local/regional food delivery services. I’m always going to tell you to support local business, but I also want to keep you informed when something big and unique like UberEATS (or, for example, IKEA) comes around.

– Meals In Motion delivers to East Memphis and Germantown from about 40 local restaurants for a $5 flat fee during lunch (Mon. – Fri.) and dinner hours (Mon. – Sat.) with a pre-tax minimum order of $10. You can order online.

– Chef Shuttle delivers to most of the metro area, plus central and northwest Arkansas from 140 local restaurants (some of those are in Arkansas and restaurant availability varies depending on your area) for a $4.95 flat fee with a $15 min. order. from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Mon. – Sat.). You can order online.

ilovememphisblog: UberEATS Launches In Memphis Today


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