MBJ: Local company teams up with Bill Nye the Science Guy

MBJ: Local company teams up with Bill Nye the Science Guy

A Memphis company is teaming with up with “The Science Guy” for the upcoming solar eclipse.

American Paper Optics, the world’s largest 3-D glasses manufacturing company, will exclusively manufacture special Bill Nye the Science Guy glasses for the August 21 total solar eclipse. The glasses, which come in two designs, contain instructions and best safety practices on how to view the eclipse.

During the eclipse, the moon will completely obscure the sun, leaving only the sun’s atmosphere — the corona — visible. Those in the 12 states comprising the “Path of Totality,” which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, will be able to view the total solar eclipse. Viewers outside the path will be able to see a partial solar eclipse, in which the moon covers part of the sun’s disk, according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Tennessee is among the 12 eclipse states, but the total eclipse will not be viewable in Memphis.

Viewers inside the path will need to wear eclipse glasses for the partial phases, but can view the minutes of totality without the glasses, while viewers outside the 12 states will need to wear the glasses the entire time. American Paper Optics’ solar glasses will block the ultraviolet and infrared rays of light that come from the sun for the phases preceding and following the total eclipse.

In addition to the paper version of the glasses, a limited-edition pair of plastic Nye eclipse glasses will also be available in early June.

American Paper Optics estimates that 100 million people will travel to view the eclipse.

MBJ: Local company teams up with Bill Nye the Science Guy


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