ICYMI: Moore Tech opening $1.8M welding school

MBJ: Moore Tech opening $1.8M welding school Memphis’ private vocational college has spent $1.8 million on a new School of Welding. Wm. R. Moore College of Technology, more commonly known as Moore Tech, has invested in a new state-of-the-art welding school after seeing its program grow over the past three years. “Three years ago, we had 29 welding students, and that number represented considerable growth,” said Moore Tech president Skip Redmond. “Since then, we have tripled that number and currently have 89 welding students. This new facility will be able to accommodate 150 students, a number we expect to reach … Continue reading ICYMI: Moore Tech opening $1.8M welding school

MDN: Council Working to Build Local Manufacturing for Device Industry

MDN: Council Working to Build Local Manufacturing for Device Industry “The medical device industry fuels Memphis’ backbone. With a $2.6 billion local economic impact and nearly 17,000 direct and indirect jobs, original equipment manufacturers like Smith & Nephew, Wright Medical Group, Medtronic Spinal & Biologistics and Microport Orthopedics have made the Memphis area their base for products and medical devices. But the lack of an available workforce is impeding the growth of these companies and eroding the existing base as more companies are looking to move manufacturing offshore. “I know for a fact they’ve all looked at it and some … Continue reading MDN: Council Working to Build Local Manufacturing for Device Industry

MDN: Building the Base

“Target’s request came at an opportune time. For several months, local business, education and government officials had been busy assembling the Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce, a system they hope will provide students and workers with multiple career paths and launch a powerful workforce development engine primed to deliver trained employees local companies are desperate to have. It was an unprecedented initiative that spanned state lines, included multiple educational entities and had the support of state and local governments and some of the biggest names in local business. … “I’ve never seen the stars align like this. It … Continue reading MDN: Building the Base

MDN: More at Moore

“… In the last eight years, the school has had a rebranding as Moore Tech and updated its technology as well as its training. And the leadership of the school wants to become a part of the Tennessee Promise program that promises two years of free higher education to the state’s high school graduates starting with the class of 2015. “Moore Tech slept for a long time,” is how the college’s president Skip Redmond described the recovery of the institution at 1200 Poplar Ave. ….” More at Moore – Memphis Daily News. Continue reading MDN: More at Moore

CA: College town: Higher-ed boosts Memphis economy

“Memphis is far better known as a tourist draw and a logistics mecca, but the city stands on a third economic pillar: college town.” (CA $) Continue reading CA: College town: Higher-ed boosts Memphis economy

MBJ: Four community colleges receive federal cash

“The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded $4.04 million in funding to Southwest Tennessee Community College, and a total of $3.27 million to Southwest, William R. Moore College of Technology and the Tennessee College of Applied Technology to establish a new partnership. The $4 million Southwest received will be divided to fund two initiatives. The school will use more than $2.38 million to expand its nursing, EMT and allied health programs, while also providing support to help students complete those programs. Southwest will use $1.65 million to launch a consortium with Moore Tech, Mid-South Community College, the Tennessee Collage of … Continue reading MBJ: Four community colleges receive federal cash