Jobfuel Conference via tweets

A couple of days ago, a jobs conference was held including Jim Clifton and Gene Huang as speakers. Clifton is Chairman of Gallup. Huang is the Chief Economist for FedEx. Although some locals pushed the hashtag #jobfuel, many who were tweeting about it did not use that hash. Some of the tweets: Dr. Huang: the challenge of leadership is allocating resources and prioritizing. #JobFuel /cm… — Memphis Chamber (@MemphisChamber) February 20, 2013 Huang citing environment as key to winning upcoming jobs war. Harahan Bridge and other Downtown amenities his first examples of good environ — Paul Morris (@memphismorris) February … Continue reading Jobfuel Conference via tweets

Another new brewery — Wiseacre

I first saw tweets of this last week sitting at the awesome new bar Local in midtown Memphis.  Now, it’s confirmed — Broad will be attracting a craft brewery, called Wiseacre.  This will be the third, following announcements of Memphis Made and High Cotton. And in addition to a second winery in Lakeland. These are the kinds of businesses that enhance a community’s quality of life — local, collaborative (all three seem to be trying to develop not just the neighborhoods they will be in, but the community of their business — they want to have more competitors and peers), … Continue reading Another new brewery — Wiseacre Conference

I just want to recognize the people at Nibletz for putting together the conference last week.  First, it gave me the opportunity to visit Memphis again, and see my folks and hijack their couch and refrigerator. But more importantly, the conference highlighted several wonderful, progressive developments in my hometown.  1) It attracted hundreds of out of town entrepreneurs — young professionals — to Memphis; 2) It provided several informative panels for entrepreneurs, ranging from a accelerator programs, grinding for startup capital, and female entrepreneurs; 3) It gave dozens of entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch for cash; 4) It drew … Continue reading Conference

Crosstown Arts update

The Daily News has an update on how the organization, Crosstown Arts, will continue to have a presence while the Sears building is being redeveloped, and what else is going on in the neighborhood gearing up for the redevelopment.  The non-profit will move across the street on Cleveland and occupy space there during redevelopment, creating a street-level gallery. “‘We know that we want there to be a gallery in the Sears building, and so this is kind of like the first incarnation of what that Crosstown gallery would be like.’ Next door at 430 N. Cleveland, Crosstown Arts is building … Continue reading Crosstown Arts update